Iceland: Stunning views at the Hekla Hike

We were in the Hekla area for 3 days for seeing waterfalls and hiking a bit. The originally plan for the day was to drive up to the Hekla and hike a bit. Sadly the drive was blocked by a huge snow field on a slope. We tried the first meters but realized that it was too unstable to try to cross the 100 meter of snow. For that reason we drove all backwards and found 400 meters apart from the original path to the mountain a trail that lead up to the Hekla as well. I guess we would not have found it, if not a small tour bus would have stood there already. 

Where to park: try to drive up to the volcano, there is a small road that can be driven with a 4×4 wheel drive. Drive from the F225 on the Hekla streets towards the volcano. (

What to do: hike up to the volcano, which will take around 7 hours – up and down. We did not have the time to do that, we only hiked for 2 hours.

Tips: in case you can not drive up to the volcano because the road is blocked by a snow field. There is a small parking space nearby.

Cost: None

Personal opinion: the view is amazing when you are up on the mountain, you just can image how powerful this volcano is.

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