Iceland: A road to remember – F66

The graveled road F66 is located in the Westfjords of Iceland. It is a 26 km long road between Vestfjarðavegur and Laugaból. It is a road for off-road lovers and people who want to escape the crowds. As the road can only be driven with a 4×4 wheel car and very good driver skill. Minimal time for the crossing is 2 to 3 hours. During our drive we did not see any other car on this path.

On top of the hill there is a 360 degree overview possible and it is one of the most silence places I ever been in my life. Left and right from the road several lakes will be passed which invited for swimming. We did not try it out but I guess they are freezing. It is a place to enjoy the silence, amazing views and a perfect place to enjoy lunch and a hot coffee or tee.

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