Iceland: Drive in Heaven

The Ring Road

Driving on the ring road: the ring road is an asphalted road and it is easy to drive there. It can be done with a normal none 4×4 wheel drive. For a first time visit in Iceland, the best way to begin.

Tips: if you only have a none 4×4 drive stick to the ring road, side trips can end in massive car damage. Don’t underestimate how off the road can become really quickly. Trust the signs.

Some roads are allowed to be driven with a none 4×4 drive e.g. the road to the Dettifoss but this does not mean that the road is easy to drive.

F Roads

Driving on the F roads: in order to drive on F roads you need a 4×4 wheel drive. The roads are less crowed, usually you do not see people for hours and it brings you more to real/untouched Iceland.

Tips: be aware that the roads can be really tough. It includes river crossing, tough gravelly roads and driving only 10 km per hour. Be sure about your driving skill, this is not for everyone.

In case you want to have the experience but not the right driving skill go with one of the highland buses or off-road tours in order to the get the experience.

West Fjords

Driving in the West-fjords: It is possible to drive the most of the roads without a 4×4 wheel drive but is it not very pleasant. As well, you would miss out some hidden jam’s  by surrounding west-fjords peninsulas by leaving the road 60 and 63. 

Tips: Be more flexible with a 4×4 drive.

Personal Option: Taking a road trip in Iceland will leave you stunned. In Iceland, you can see already so many things during the drive, it is just amazing.

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