Iceland: At the remote Steingrímsfjörður

During our Westfjord tour in Iceland we stayed two nights in the small town of Drangsnes. The town is located in the western part of Iceland, at the mouth of Steingrímsfjörður. The most interesting thing in the town are the Hot Pots (Natural Pools) which are right along the shoreline in the middle of the village. The pots are used throughout the year by locals and visitors. 

With having one full day to explore the area we drove to the Reykjarfjörður Fjord. This Fjord is really remote and during our drive we nearly saw no other car at all. We enjoyed the stunning coast line with the amazing views, just for our self. In the Fjord another hot pool at Krossanes can be visited. It is also located directly at the coast line and during the bath an amazing view can be enjoyed.

In case you are looking for a place in Iceland that is pure nature with fewer people, this it is. One negative point is, that it is not possible to surround the Fjord.

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