Iceland: Askja a unbelievable beautiful place

Askja is a special place in the highlands of Iceland. Not only the drive to Askja is totally worth, also seeing and hiking to the Öskjuvatn Lake is stunning.

Drive by yourself:  in order to drive to Askja yourself you need a 4×4 wheel drive. This is one of the more challenging drives in the highlands of Iceland because it includes several river crossings.

Book a tour to Askja: In case you do not feel comfortable driving yourself, book a tour with a highland bus in the Myvatn Information center.

Hike: the hike to the Víti and Öskjuvatn Lake can be started from the parking slot. It will take 45 minutes for 1 direction.

Tips: the tour to Askja is a full day tour, no matter if you are going by yourself or with a bus tour. The weather in the highlands is hard to predict, it can be everything: sun, rain, wind, fog and snow. The two times we visit we had a sandstorm the first time and the second time fog and strong rain.

Cost: None

 Personal opinion: Askja is a special place in Iceland and a really beautiful one. Even the drive to the location is amazing.

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