Germany: Wonderful autumn wine hike in the Kaiserstuhl area

Autumn (September/October) is a perfect time to go on a hike in the Kaiserstuhl area, as the leaves are in a  yellow, orange and red color. The region is located in the south of Germany in the black forest and is a small low mountain range of volcanic origin. Due to the volcanic background the ground is perfect for growing wine in the region.

The region offers a lot of hiking and biking paths, most of the path are separated. During these years e-Bike push, this tourist area also grow at the Kaiserstuhl. Before it was challenging biking in the area as it contains a lot of hills and steep paths. Due to this new development of e-Bikes, we saw this year more Bikers than Hikers in the area.

As most path’s for hikers and bikers are separated, there are still paths in the wine growing area where only hikers are allowed. Which gives a perfect opportunity to enjoy the silence and the view on the surrounding mountains (e.g.Totenkopf). The best preparation for the hike is to pack some snacks and a regional wine from the area to enjoy lunch at one of the many view points.

The area is full of small guest houses, wineries and great restaurants with tasty local food – which is mostly hunted in the area. The most popular areas are Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl, Endingen am Kaiserstuhl and Breisach. Every region has its own charm and unique hiking paths, which are calling to enjoy the area.

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