Germany: A half day hike in the Wolfsschlucht

Name: Wolfsschlucht
Length: ~ 8 km (Battert Rock)
Time: ~ 1 1/2 hours
Good to know: The Wolfsschlucht is a hiking area around Baden Baden (Germany), It is located in the North Black Forest. The Battert Rock hike is family friendly. The paths are well-marked. At the Battert rocks it is possible to climb.

Where to park: Wolfsschlucht, Ebersteinburger Straße, Baden-Baden in the parking slot of the hotel.

Tips: There are several hiking options available from the parking slot: Battert Rock, Ebersteinburg, Merkur summit.

Cost: none.

Personal opinion: Nice hike through the woods with a amazing view over Baden Baden at the Battert rocks.

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