Germany: Nice Wine Hike at the Bergstraße

Germany has several wine regions, Heppenheim (Bergstraße) is one of it. It is a beautiful region that has several vineyards. It is possible to take different hikes in the terrain, that is connected between several towns.

At the 1. Mai there is the event called “Weinlagenwanderung“, which is a hike in the vineyards from Heppenheim to Zwingenberg. Around ~12 km the whole way. During the hike it is possible to stop at the various wine sellers in order to taste the regional wine. This is a nice regional event, that also provides some local food for tasting.

Events like that can be find in several regions of Germany, mostly in the south which is the wine area. It is possible to find regional events under the name “Weinwanderung“. The events are happening mostly from Mai to October.

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