Germany: Visiting the Merkur (Baden-Baden)

An area that I was not expecting to be that nice is the Merkur Mountain in Baden Baden. Baden-Baden is a town in southwestern Germany’s Black Forest, near the border with France. It is mainly known for its thermal baths but it has a lot of nature to offer as well.

The area of Merkur hold’s a lot of options for hiking and biking. It is possible to hike up the Merkur which is a 4 km hike and go down with the Merkur cable railway. Or the other way around – one way ticket cost two Euros. The ways through the woods also invite for a bike ride up to the Merkur.

In case you want to escape the city for a bit, this area is a nice go to place. It is easy to reach with a car or local bus (Line 205: until the stop Merkurwald).

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