Germany: Tree Top Path in the Black Forest

With another very overcast day ahead, I was on the search of an activity that also can be done in light rain. I knew Bad Wildbad only for having a Bike Park, which I sadly not visited yet, but I was not aware what else it had to offer. With following the recommendation of a friend we drove to the Tree Top Path on the Sommerberg. 

Tree Top Path (Bad Wildberg)

A short hike lead us from the parking lot of the Sommerberg to the entrance of the Tree Top Path. The Path is 1250 meters long and end at a tower, which can be hike up in order to have a 360° Degree View into the Black Forest. The Path was really nicely build and has a lot of amazing views and signs explain nature. Including the different trees, birds and animals of the woods. We could even watch a little funny squirrel, which was stealing bird food out of a bird house and eating it just in front of us.

Wild Line (Suspension Rope Bridge)

Another short hike through the woods lead us to the Wild Line Suspension Rope Bridge. The bridge has a high of 60 Meter and is 300 Meter long. During the crossing amazing views into the Enztal and on the town of Bad Wildbad can be caught. As the floor is transparent it is necessary to be fear of heights free. On top of that the bridge sways slightly.

From the end of the bridge a path is leading back to the Sommerberg parking lot. Besides this two attraction the area is offering a lot of hiking options. It would have been possible to hike to the several Forest Restaurants and with that stretching the hiking kilometers a bit more.

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