Germany: Time to breathe

Now we are back where we started, this all feels like March/April again. Only that this time we all saw it coming. Covid-19 numbers are rising around Europe and measures are taken in all European countries. It was only a matter of time when the German government is announcing the next lockdown. Starting by tomorrow we will get a Lockdown light in Germany. This means all restaurant, bars, hotels, cinemas, theater and sport related facilities needs to close again. Also, the number of people that can met are limited strictly once more. For now for this is planned for the whole month of November, in order to save Christmas and break the second wave.

Even that Covid-19 seems to be the topic that is dominating our lives, we had at least a couple of weeks that felt a bit normal. Even that international travel was and is still massively restricted. There been some opportunities to travel and a chance to break out of the whole pandemic bubble we are living in. The hard thing is, nobody knows when this will be over. As the question for a vaccine nobody can answer for sure. As well as when we will have our old life back. This is the irony of life, only backwards we can judge which decision we would have taken differently. May work less, travel more, go out more, see more of this beautiful world.  

Unless we are still able to go out and the lockdown will not be tightened, we should enjoy the great nature around us. With that said, this weekend tour led us once more in the Northern Black Forest. To the town of Bad Herrenalb. We wanted to enjoy once more the amazing colors of the beautiful autumn in Germany. Compared to the last two weeks the dominating colors at the moment are already yellow and red. The green color of the spring and summer had been replaced. Getting through the forest to an overlook like the Teufelsmühle, is giving an amazing view over the changing colors of autumn.

The first part of the hike was peaceful. It was possible just enjoy the silence and the amazing colors of the forest. Just a few minutes to breath and forget the whole pandemic situation. I love having just silence, only some birds singing, the wind in the trees and no other human made noises. Getting back some connection to nature for a little while. Sadly it is hard to find that in Germany, as with Covid-19 so many people found hiking as their new hobby. Mostly with an attitude that do not belong in nature, like really loud voices, screaming and a lot of noise. I often have the feeling the most of the people only hike to sit down at the next best restaurant to get food, and they are having hiking only as an excuse to go there in the first place.

Without knowing what Covid-19 still has in store for us, we should always enjoy every moment of happiness. No matter if this is 1 minutes or 3 hours of a hike. Just be at the moment and enjoy it as long as it last. We are the creator of our own happiness, where ever we will find it.

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