Germany: Time for hope (Vaccine)

This week’s news were dominated by the announcement of two different vaccines for Covid-19. That could get a license in the USA and Europe. Which been the best news in weeks. After the rising Covid-19 numbers all over Europe and the following shutdowns, this seems to be the light at the end of a really long tunnel. Even that it is not sure by when the vaccine will be available for everyone, it is a start of getting a normality back. And with that hopefully more freedom to travel again. Hope is the best driver in uncertain times like this.

Now it is possible to dream of international destinations again. I even looked into possibilities and places that are still on my way too long list. Only to get myself in a better mood again, in order to have possibilities once more. Even more and more international locations are opening up borders, still regulations for entering the countries are high e.g a Covid-19 negative test or several days long quarantine. I guess the overall traveling, even with a vaccine, will be more difficult for a little longer. I guess this the price of freedom for the next years to come.

But in order to stay in the here and now, we did another nice autumn hike in the Vogtland area. Following small paths in autumn colored woods. Walking through the countless fallen leaves remind me of my childhood. Where small things shaped the world. Even it if it was only the sound of the leaves under our own foot. May we all can learn again from children, which are living happy in their small world which they know. Finding beauty in small things around them and no being upset about big things they can not have – as they do not know them yet. May as an adult we have just unlearn to focus just on what is in front of us, instead of focusing on plans that we can not fulfill at the moment.

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