Germany: This atmosphere in the morning

We started this day again at 4:30 am, in order to enjoy the morning atmosphere in the woods. Our hike today lead us from the Monbach Valley in the Monbach Gorge to the Wolfschlucht. The Monbach Gorge was created around 350,000 years ago. When the Nagold river cut into the sandstone of the Monbach Valley. The Gorge was developed in 1901 and is part of the Black Forest East Trail.

Entering the Monbach Gorge was like entering an own micro cosmos. A quite peaceful surrounding. Everything was left natural. Only small path on the edge of the river lead into the Gorge. From time to time it is necessary to cross the river. This is mainly possible to walk from stone to stone. Nothing to difficult. Nevertheless, hiking boots are recommended.

In the Gorge we saw a lot of fallen uprooted trees. Which were already overgrown by moos and ferns. It all looked like walking in an untouched, ancient place in the wild. Beside two people sleeping in a wood shelter, we did not see any other person at that time of day. It is amazing to see that this kind of pristine nature still exist in Germany.

The Monbach Gorge, is a short 10 kilometers hike. As we wanted more, we decided to combine the hike with the Wolfsschlucht. The Wolfschlucht is in a side valley of the Nagold river. It is even more romantic, but also more difficult to walk. The Wolfsschlucht is rather short but intensive in steepness and trail composition.

All in all the hike was 20 kilometer long and took us around 5 hours. Including a breakfast break on a bench in the woods. The trail is rarely leading over forest roads because of that it is clarified hard. From my point of view only the descent in the Wolfsschlucht (gorge) was a bit tough. The rest was all doable. A very nice hike in the Black Forest that should not be missed.

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