Germany: The world around us (Covid-19 Blog)

This week we started week four of the lockdown in Germany. As of now it is not clear by when life is coming back to a normal state as we knew it before. Luckily we are still allowed to go outside for walking and biking. I made it a habit in last weeks to walk or bike everywhere. I took the time to make photos of the nature around us and just slow down. One positive thing is, that people seem to be much more calm, respectful and not as stressed out.

Japanese cherry blossom

At the moment Japanese cherry blossom trees and usual cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. It is amazing, that now I see the world around me more clear and pay much more attention to it. I took the time to enjoy the tress and flowers. Stopped during hikes and biking for taking a picture of this ephemeral beauty.

Cherry blossom

The interesting thing to recall is, that this amazing nature is around us all the time. We just not seeing it as clear all the time. Just seeing all the flowers and trees awaken after the winter is such a great spectacle. Seeing the positive side of the whole situation at the moment is, to enjoy everything around us deeper without only looking far into the world. Our backyard can just be as beautiful, we only have to give it the chance to show it to us.

The small things in life

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