Germany: The historical Altmark

The Altmark is a historic region in Germany, in the northern third of Saxony-Anhalt and south part of Lower Saxony. In order to enjoy the region, we stayed at the Gartower See (Lower Saxony) and the Arendsee (Saxony-Anhalt). Both places have nice nature to offer. A lot of hiking and biking paths, as well as animal spotting. No matter if you bring your own bike or rent one in Gartow or Arendsee, it is recommended to explore the region via bike.

Arendsee is the more tourist place, Gartow is calmer and less crowded. From Gartow it is possible to do bike trips along the Elbe and visit all the historical boundary pillar and tower, that once separated Germany. The side are well preserved and a lot of information boards, give background of the history.

Through Gartow runs the German Green Belt. It is a project that began in 1989 facing the 1.393 km network of inner-German border fences and guard towers formerly separating East and West Germany. It is one of the world’s most unusual nature reserves. There is a German Green Belt cycling route in place, which provides a lot of point of interests including watchtowers, information boards and historical places.

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