Germany: The 4:30 am Challenge

This morning lead us again in the North Black Forest. In order to avoid once more the crowds we set our alarm to 4:30 am. Hikes are more intense in the morning hours, quiet nature only broken through by bird singing. On the way to Kaltenbronn we saw an amazing Sun Rise. The sky was bathed in a soft pink color. Even that a sun rise start every day, it is rarely that we see one in that clear colors.

We started our hike at the Kaltenbronn Parking Lot. There was only one camper parked at the time we arrived. The hike to the Hohloh Lake/Moor lead us uphill over wide trails. The Lake area provides a couple of benches, which are inviting to enjoy a breakfast with a view. In quiet and peacefully surrounding.

Further we hiked to the Hohloh Tower and climbed it. It provides a real nice 360 Degree view into the Black Forest and an amazing foresight. Trees as far you can see. Following more wide trails, which are also easy for bike rides, we stopped at the Dobler-Blick. It provides a huge swing with just another great view.

The last part of the hike lead us to the Moor of Kaltenbronn. Long bare wood traverse the Moor and give a nice view onto the lake. Overall the hike was around 15 kilometers long and lead mainly over wide trails. No noteworthy elevation. The highlight of the hike is the Hohloh Tower and its view into the Black Forest. As well as the huge swing, which is inviting for a moment of solitude.

The last kilometer of the hike back to the parking lot we met the crowds we escaped from in the morning. Endless loud people with kids and beer. It is not clear what this is about, going 10 am with a beer in the hand in the woods. But we noticed this a couple of times in the last weeks. Not sure if this is Corona related, because of the closed Bars and Clubs. Nether the less the nature and the forest is a place of recharging and enjoying the great outdoors and not a club. It is sad to see that this nature codes is not clear to anyone.

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