Germany: Springtime and back to normal? (Covid-19 Blog)

This morning I wake up early and took a morning ride through the woods. I love the springtime in Germany. Waking up around 5 am to the singing of birds. This tiny creatures make so much loud noise. Just hearing the different songs of all the different birds brings a smile to my face. Since New Zealand, where we heard so many different and strange songs of birds, my mood it just lightens up when hearing birds. Also in the morning hours the air is fresh and no other people are around, to destroy the sound of nature.

This week we finished week eight of the lockdown. Starting with next week there is no real lockdown anymore. The rule were changed this week. Many restrictions were lifted, Zoos, museum, playgrounds are open again. In some states even restaurants will open up. Also, the state borders are open. Now it is possible to travel in Germany again, but only for family/friends visiting not for tourism – just yet. Social distancing is still place and wearing masks in stores.

Even that the international worldwide travel warning was extended to the 15th June, they are still discussing opening up European borders. At the moment it is not possible to move around in Europe, as we are used to. Every border from Germany to France, Austria, Switzerland and others are closed. It only can be crossed with a special permit e.g. work permit. There are so much mixed information in place. On the one hand they want to extend the travel warning further after the 15th June, on the other hand the Lufthansa wants to offer again flights to tourist travel destinations in Europe in June.

It is wired to know that tourist are still recused back to Germany paid with tax money and now it should already be possible again to sit in a plane and go on vacation. I mean there is nothing change yet, we do not have a medicine or a vaccination. It is not like I don’t make plans in my head what could be done this year for some kind of travel. Maybe rent an Airbnb somewhere in the mountains and go for hikes. Everything that did not involve people interaction or crowds. But with all borders still closed, this is only a theoretical thing and no need to book anything.

Until further changes, the world is limited to what is in our reach around us. No big travel dreams for the near future, only a lot of time to explore your own country. Focus to enjoy the moments that count.

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