Germany: Songs of a nightingale (Covid-19 Blog)

Even that this week was a big announcement how life will go on in the current Corona crisis, there is not much change to expect in a near future. We will face week six of the lockdown, only with slight loosening. In general the outlook seems that this year is nearly totally lost for international travel. It was made already transparent that summer travel will not happen. And even if it would, if everybody will be limited to travel locally, in our case in Germany or close by Europe countries, it will be so overrun that I am not even sure that I want to go anywhere.


Do not get me wrong, I still have the travel bug in me and willing to start better today than tomorrow but just not under the current circumstances. It is just so hard to predict what is going to happen. But without any vaccination, a normal life as we know it will just not come back. This is the tricky thing in life. We think we have all the time in the world to fulfill our dreams, until we don’t. Even that the current crisis nobody saw coming, it is just another reminder to life at the moment and enjoy every minute. Life is so fragile and you never know how much time there is to fulfill whatever dream is yours.

So here we are stuck in our small worlds again with being limited to an area in our state or city. Not even state to state travel is allowed in Germany, at the moment. Nether the less the current situation brings deceleration. No travel to plan, no leisure stress, no work commute just life in our own home. Waking up, making breakfast, work, making lunch, sport, work, making diner, some biking, sleep.


Interesting in all of this is, that I got just a good eye for the tiny things. Every flower, bloom besides the road, every bird that is singing, every small trail on a road that I was biking already a hundred times. Just enjoy the moment, enjoy what is in front of us instead of being only crumby about the current situation. Remember everybody in the world is affected by this crisis as it is a global pandemic. Nobody can go anywhere and so many plans very crushed.

Still, life needs to go on, and we all have to find a way to go through this. Beside the amazing spring in our backyard, that I try to enjoy every day, as long as we are allowed to go for walks and bike rides. We have a nightingale at the moment in front of our bedroom window. Which is singing for us already the last three nights in a row. Just lying in bed with an open window and listening to the songs of this small inconspicuous bird, feel like a dream. Since New Zealand bird songs brings a smile to my face. Sometimes just the small natural things are the once we take so much for granted without even enjoying them. Camping for weeks in New Zealand brought the deep appreciation for nature back to me.

Blossom Tree

So no matter how long we have to life this “new reality” of ours, there are always things to enjoy. We just have to have an open mind and see the positive side of the current situation.

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