Germany: Road trip in the North Black Forest

Even with a real moody weather predicted for today, I planned a short road trip in the North Black Forest. Following first the Schwarzwaldhochstraße to the Lotharpfad and then following the Murg Valley to Gernsbach. Both roads got their own charm and are particularly popular for motorcycle. As the weather was overcast, rainy and foggy we mostly had the streets for ourself.

Lotharpfad (Wilderness Path)

The Lotharpfad is one of three wilderness paths in the North Black Forest. It has a length of ~ 2 km and mainly is build into the forest following wood bare. It is a really nice short hike, in the heart of the Black Forest. It feels like an adventure in the middle of the woods. Sad thing was that it had been over too fast. The fog and a bit of rain gave the whole path a great atmosphere on top.

Kniebis (Elbach Lake)

Next stop on the road trip was the small town of Kniebis. In 2013 there was a platform build to oversee the Elbachsee (lake). Small paths like the Räuberwegle and Wurzelwegle lead us to the platform. As the weather decided to stop with the mood for a while, we got an amazing view into the Black Forest and on the Elbachsee (lake).

Lunch spot in the Murg Valley

After all the hiking and driving, we were on the search for a coffee break. As the Murg Valley is filled with a lot of small villages that provide coffee and lunch options, it was only a matter of time that something stands out. We spotted a Hotel with a Terrace at the Murg (River) near Schönmünzach. With sunshine for 45 minutes, we even could sit outside and enjoy tasty Kaiserschmarrn. Vacation at home, are not so bad at all.

Eberstein Castle (Gernsbach)

Last stop on our tour been the Eberstein Castle on the hill of Gernsbach. It is completely worth driving up the hill and enjoy the amazing view into the Murg Valley from above. Additional to that, there are several hiking options available around the castle starting from 2 to 15 km. It is also possible to start the hike in Gernsbach and hike up to the castle.

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