Germany: Rimbach-Steig in Palatinate

Todays hike lead us once more back to Palatinate. We choose the Rimbach-Steig, which is a premium hike in the area. Including many viewpoints and refreshment possibilities. The description of the hike was 7 hours, 17 km and 670 m ascent. Hiking over the ridges around the two Wasgau villages Schwanheim and Darstein. The Rimbach meanders through the valley that connects the two villages. 

We started the hike in the village of Darstein. As the village is pretty small, the parking lot can not be missed. Depending on which direction you are coming, it is either on the entry or exit of the village. The parking lot is also providing a nice sign which is describing the “Rimbach Steig” hike. As well as other hikes in the area.

Some words to the hike. The hike mainly leads over natural, often narrow path. Not too technical but often step. Just follow the blue wave, the sign of the hike. Usually it can not be missed. The tour leads to impressive natural rock formations and numerous viewpoints overseeing the area. Some located directly on the path, some can be reached via short, marked stitch paths. These small detours can be left out but totally should not because they lead to special lookouts and rock formations.

As we did the hike together with friends, this was not another 4:30 am challenge. With that said, I really fought with the heat on this hike. I mean it was “only” around 28 degree but with constant uphill, downhill peaks. It really got to me. Sadly we were also really unlucky with the hiking restaurants along the trail. The Wasgauhütte was closed due to vacation time. The restaurants in Schwanheim and Darstein were closed between 2 pm and 5 pm. So there was no refreshment in the middle of the hike.

So overall the hike took us 5 h and 30 minutes. Including several breaks for drinking and eating our snacks. It is completely doable with running shoes, no hiking boots necessary. It is not particularly necessary to bring hiking sticks. Just bring a lot of water and time. Even that hike with 17 km is not too long, with only hiking over small, natural paths and constant uphill/downhill it will take some time.

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