Germany: The beautiful Partnachklamm

Name: Partnachklamm or Partnach Gorge
Length: ~1.4 km (round trip)
Time: ~ 1 hours
Good to know: the hike is flat and easy, nice to do with kids together. It is possible to go into the gorge and the same way back, but it is also possible to choose a path through the forest for returning in order to see the gorge from above.

Where to park: Olympic Ski Stadium Exhibition from there it is a 30 minutes hike to the gorge. It is possible to take a horse drawn carriage to the gorge.

Tips: Respect the opening hours, entry fee will be paid at the beginning of the gorge.

Cost: parking at the Olympic Ski Stadium, entry fee into the gorge, eventually the horse drawn carriage.

Personal opinion: Compared to other gorges in the region the hike through the gorge is rather short. Nether the less the gorge itself is stunning and worth seeing. I found it even more impressive to hike back through the woods and see the gorge from above.

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