Germany: Our new normal? (Covid-19 Blog)

I could rather call this series here lockdown dairies but I do not want to dramatize the situation too much. This week we got week six of the lockdown due to the coronavirus in the books. Week seven will not look that much different, except now everybody needs to wear a face mask when entering a supermarket, bakery or similar shops. I mean we got used to the lines on the floor what are 1.5 to 2 meters distance to another person, we might also get use to this.


Luckily the mask are only necessary in shops and not in general when going outside. I could not see myself wearing a mask all the time. Especially when biking or just walking around outside. It is all just so wired, for example when going to a nearby wood all feels like before. Except that the play ground, barbecue places are shut of. The trees are still there, the flowers, the birds, squirrels, rabbits etc. It seems like nature do not care at all about the problem humans are facing at the moment.

The roaming through the woods is the only thing that give me some sanity in these times. Next week our trip around the world would had started. It is all so crazy, at the moment it is not even clear if we can do the trip next year or when this whole pandemic will be over. This is the irony of life, we are planning and living our life just in the reality we know. Just now this reality was flipped upside down, with no given date when it will be as before.

The problem with the current situation from my point of view is the missing perspective. When all of this will end. When can we go back to planning a new trip, a new adventure, the adventure of our life? Will the world even be the same after that? I try to keep myself busy in order not to think about stuff like that too much. On the one hand I will not get an answer anyway at the moment and second it only consume energy. I rather try to go out at least every day for one hour. Enjoy the fresh air and the small thing we are usually to busy to see.