Germany: Never stop to follow your dreams

For us to know what our dreams are, it is important to write it down. It is easy to get lost in the many things we want. With many distractions and new ideas coming up, it can be confusing. To find happiness, be sure where you want to search for it. In order to take this one big trip or buy this one thing, dream it first, plan it second, do it third. Keep in mind that nobody else will be there and dream your dreams for you. So think about what are your dreams and what you need to do to fulfill them.

Have dreams, make a plan (My Bucket List)

This is a list of my goals and dreams, may your list looks similar, may completely different. Both is fine. We all take happiness out of different things, which makes us all unique as a person.


The journey not the arrival matters.” – T.S. Eliot

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