Germany: In the beautiful Röhn

In order to explore more of Germany and once more a group of low mountains, we visited the Rhön. The Rhön Mountains are in central Germany, located around the border area where the states of Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia come together. The highest mountain in the Rhön is the Wasserkuppe with 950.2 m which is in Hesse. 

Open Air Museum Fladung

The Open Air museum in Flading give a nice insight in the past. It includes a nice park to walk in and historical buildings. Every building can be entered, and historic living situations can be explored. Besides, the area has a lot of animals.

Black Moor

The Black Moor is a special protection area and an impressive high moor. It is located between Bischofsheim and Fladungen. The high moor lies at an altitude of between 770 and 782 meters above sea level and, with an area of around 66 hectares, is the largest high moor in the Rhön. The entrance to the Black Moor is across the street from the parking lot. From here, a 2.7-kilometer boardwalk leads through the high moor as a so-called moor nature trail.


At 950 meters, the Wasserkuppe is the highest mountain in the Rhön and at the same time the highest elevation in Hesse. The mountain, located 5 kilometers north of Gersfeld, is known worldwide as the “mountain of the aviators”, since gliding was invented on the Wasserkuppe at the beginning of the 20th century. The area provides a couple of hiking options, which make the view up at the mountain worth while.

Overall has the Rhön area has a lot of hiking paths and amazing views to offer. It was an unexpected beautiful area, that is worth visiting in order to get to know Germany better. Away from the well-known tourist destinations.

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