Germany: Iconic hike to the Schrammsteine (Elbe Sandstone Mountains)

One hike that cannot be missed in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains are the Schrammsteine. There are hikes in various lengths leading up to this iconic rock formation. The Schrammsteine are an elongated, strongly jagged rock group of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It is located east of Bad Schandau in Saxon Switzerland and lies in the district of Ostrau. In the north they are bordered by the Kirnitzschtal and Hohe Liebe, in the south by the Elbe valley and in the east by the Affensteine.

We parked our car in Ostrau und followed the trail up to the Hohe Liebe. Which is a table mountain, that provides a great view on the Schrammsteine in a distance. It is totally worth to take this detour, in order to get anther expansive view on the area. In general the trail is wide and easy. Only climbing up to the rock formation itself is tricky and needs some experience. It is important to be free from giddiness.

We followed the trail to the Breite-Kluft-Aussicht (Wide Devided Prospect), which is a rock plateau with an amazing view. Until this point and further to the Schrammsteine, the trail is a normal hiking trail. Going into the Schrammsteine is mainly climbing, over ladder, narrow passages with metal poles. It should only be done, if you feel good with it. Once started, there is no easy way turning back. The climbing exercise is totally worth the effort, as only with it the best views to the Schrammsteine can be seen.

This is one thing that needs to be taken serous in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Trail often lead directly into via ferrata. Be aware of the signs “only for experience climbers”. Not all the trails needs to be done with climbing equipment. But at the end it is your own safety to take care of. The hike to and in the Schrammsteine do not require equipment. In case you are staying on the main path. Two trails down from the Schrammsteine are via ferrata, only one is a normal hiking trail. So either way plan your tour carefully forehand or read the signs carefully. Otherwise, you have the same problem as a couple we met, which went straight into a via ferrata without noticing it in the beginning. Lucky climbers with equipment stopped them before it was to late.

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