Germany: Hiking in the Black Forest (Bermersbach)

With the best spring weather predicted for the day, we decided to go on an early morning hike in the black forest. Within a 40 minutes drive and so many lifted restriction we gave it a try. Bermersbach in the Murgtal (Murg Valley) is a small town, which provides a lot of hiking options. In the town center several information signs are providing insides in the hiking possibilities.

As we wanted to beat the crowds and stay social distant to other hikers, we choose a long hike with some altitude. At the end it was 18 kilometers with 850 m elevation. The trail is called the “Bermersbacher Rundweg”. It mainly led us on small trails, were we did not see anyone in the first three hours.

As the trail on its highest point reached nearly 900 m elevation, there been many amazing view on the trail. Normally the trail is passing three different restaurants, which would invite for a rest. As restaurants are still closed this week, we brought our own snacks with us and enjoyed them at the highest point, the Eierkuchenberg.

On our way back to Bermersbacher we crossed a couple of bigger trails. They had been way more crowded and often it felt like normal, like before. People were just outside with their kids, having a great Sunday hike and enjoy the sprint time. Nether the less this was at the end of the trail a bit of a problem, to stay in distance of 1.5 – 2 meters to anyone. Remember at the moment only people are on the trail for hiking, with Restaurants still closed, the big crowds are not even there yet.

Nether the less I tried to enjoy every minute of the hike. Specially the singing birds, the fresh air, the calm and serenity the forest give us. As well as another routine we picked up, finding out what flowers we see on the edge of the path.

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