Germany: Hikes in the Black Forest National Park

With having the Black Forest National Park right into our backyard. Find on this page a couple of shorter and longer day hikes that can be done in the Northern part of the park. The park was found in January 2014 and is the first National Park in Baden Württemberg. Compared to other National Park worldwide, there is no park entry to be paid.

In the Wolfsschlucht (Baden-Baden)

Nice hike through the woods with a amazing view over Baden Baden at the Battert rocks.

Start / End: Wolfsschlucht, Ebersteinburger Straße, Baden-Baden
Length: ~ 8 km (Battert Rock)
Altitude: not worth mentioning
Duration: ~ 1 1/2 hours
Conditions: easy half day hike
Variation: There are several hiking options available from the parking slot: Battert Rock, Ebersteinburg, Merkur summit.

Hike up the Bernstein Mountain (Bad Herrenalb)

The Bernstein is a mountain, 693,5 m above sea level. It is located in the Northern Black Forest within the district of Gaggenau and Bad Herrenalb. The highlight of the hike is the view rock Bernstein, that can be climbed in order to get an amazing view over the Murgtal.

Start / End: Bad Herrenalb Station or near the Kurklinik in Bad Herrenalb
Length: ~ 10 to 14 km
Altitude: 350 m
Duration: ~ 3 hours
Conditions: easy/medium
Variation: This is a loop hike. On the way up the choose the left junction, which was mainly asphalted road until the Bernstein. On the way down we found a trail through the forest, which was more pleasant. Due to the elevation, we did not meet many people and had the view point nearly for ourself.

Altitude tour in Bermersbach

The trail is called the “Bermersbacher Rundweg”. It mainly led us on small trails with a lot of elevation. As the trail on its highest point reached nearly 900 m elevation, there been many amazing view on the trail. This was a dream hiking tour. As the tour is 90% over small trails and only small part are covered over forest roads. The tour leads deep into the nature, enjoying the green around.

Start / End: Center of Bermersbach (small town)
Length: 18 km
Altitude: 850 km
Duration: 5 hours
Conditions: medium/hard
Variation: As the trail is crossing a lot of forest roads, there are opportunities to shorten the trail. In the center of Bermersbach, signs can be found with several hiking options.

Romantic Tour Trail (Schönmünzach)

The hike starts flat, along the river Schönmünz and provides a lot of benches to sit down and just enjoy the sounds of the water. The second part of the trail is mainly uphill through a magical forest landscape, in which we can feel tiny, just surrounded by huge trees. The third part of the trail was mainly downhill on wide trails. There was only a short passage on a small, blocked trail which was a bit tricky and is only recommended for experienced hikers. The trail ends at the Hutzenbach Lake.

Start / End: Schönmünzbach at the hikers parking lot
Length: 18 km
Altitude: 500 m
Duration: 5 hours
Conditions: medium
Variation: Information signs can be found about this trail and others in the area at the hikers parking lot.

Hornisgrinde hike at the Mummelsee

The path to the Hornisgrinde starts at the Mummelsee. It leads directly uphill to the Bismarck Tower, which gives amazing views into the Black Forest and on the Mummelsee (Lake). On the plateau is a moor which can be crossed on beams. Overlooking the endless woods of the Black Forest.

Start / End: Mummelsee parking lot
Length: 6 km
Altitude: 300 m
Duration: 2 hours
Conditions: medium
Variation: hiking up over a paved road and down over small paths. This is also possible to hike both ways over paths, which is hard or both ways over the paved road with is the easiest path.

Wilderness and the Lynx Hike (Plättig)

The paths were established after the storm Lothar. It destroyed parts of the wood, which were then no longer cultivated. The idea was to leave nature as is and create this wilderness paths instead. Both paths are equally beautiful. Although the Wilderness path is more challenging to hike/climb. As the path include a lot of climbing over fallen trees. Compared to the Lothar Path, this path is more challenging. There are no bare woods to walk over. Everything was kept wild. There were ladders on steeper passages that lead through a riverbed.

Start / End: parking lot near the Hotel Plättig
Length: 8 km
Altitude: not worth mentioning
Duration: 3 hours
Conditions: hard
Variation: Both paths can be hiked on it’s own. Everyone is 4 km long. The lync hike is the easier one and more recommended for families. The wilderness hike is harder and takes more time.

The moor of Kaltenbronn

We started our hike at the Kaltenbronn Parking Lot. The hike to the Hohloh Lake/Moor lead us uphill over wide trails. The Lake area provides a couple of benches, which are inviting to enjoy a breakfast with a view. Further we hiked to the Hohloh Tower and climbed it. It provides a real nice 360 Degree view into the Black Forest and an amazing foresight. The last part of the hike lead us to the Moor of Kaltenbronn. Long bare wood traverse the Moor and give a nice view onto the lake.

Start / End: Kaltenbronn Parking Lot
Length: 15 km long
Altitude: 300 m
Duration: 3 hours
Conditions: easy
Variation: It is possible only to hike to the Hohloh Lake and Tower. With a nearby parking lot by the Towner. Or hiking only to the Moor of Kaltenbronn from the central parking lot.

Monbach Gorge to the Wolfschlucht (Bad Liebenzell)

Our hike today lead us from the Monbach Valley in the Monbach Gorge to the Wolfschlucht. The Monbach Gorge was created around 350,000 years ago. When the Nagold river cut into the sandstone of the Monbach Valley. The Gorge was developed in 1901 and is part of the Black Forest East Trail. The Monbach Gorge, is a short 10 kilometers hike. As we wanted more, we decided to combine the hike with the Wolfsschlucht. The Wolfschlucht is in a side valley of the Nagold river. It is even more romantic, but also more difficult to walk. The Wolfsschlucht is rather short but intensive in steepness and trail composition.

Start / End: Cemetery Bad Liebenzell
Length: 19 km
Altitude: 300 m
Duration: 5 hours
Conditions: hard
Variation: The hike can be shortened by only hiking the Monbach Gorge. Which will be 10 km.

Eyach Valley (Dobeln)

We started this hike in the center of the town Dobeln. The start of the hike lead us through a gate that describes the Westweg. An approximately 285 km long high-altitude hiking trail, that was created in 1900 as the first long-distance hiking trail in Germany. The hike itself follows some part of the Westweg leading to the Eyach Valley. The Eyach is an 18.5 km long river in the northern Black Forest and within this hike we followed 4 kilometers of it. The overall hike was not technical neither much challenging.

Start / End: Center of Dobeln
Length: 15 km
Altitude: 400 m
Duration: 4 hours
Conditions: easy/middle
Variation: Hike can be started at the Eyach Mühle (restaurant), in order to hike only in the valley.

Enzklösterle (Altitude Tour)

This tour lead us to the town of Enzklösterle in the Northern Black Forest. The tour was described as an altitude tour leading to view points into the black forest. In general the tour had its moments but it leads 90% only over forest roads and is more suitable for biking. As it is following the bike trail nearly all the time. Small trail on the tour are rare to find.

Start / End: Enzklösterle
Length: 22 km
Altitude: 700 m
Duration: 6 hours
Conditions: middle
Variation: The hike can be shortened over the many trail through the forest.

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