Germany: Hike at the Mummelsee (Hornisgrinde)

Today’s day-trip lead us over the Schwarzwaldhochstraße to the Mummelsee. Which is a well-known tourist attraction and with that the parking lot was already filled up in the morning. The place is not only known for the lake, it also offers five different main hiking options near and far around the lake. The hikes further away from the lake are less crowded and worth the visit.

We chose a combination of the Grindel and Hornisgrinde path, which was around 6 km long. Both paths lead the way to the Bismarck Tower, which gives amazing views into the Black Forest and on the Mummelsee (Lake). On the plateau is a moor which can be crossed on beams. Overlooking the endless woods of the Black Forest.

The hike descriptions can be found at the hotel near the main parking lot. As it is usual for all areas of the Black Forest, in order to get some orientation and choose from what hike to take. The hike around the lake is one km long, three other hiking options are around 6 km up to the Bismarck Tower. The longest hike is around 12 km longs. Compared to the hikes in Schönmünzach and Bermersbach, this place is really touristic – at least the part near the lake. So not recommendable for people which are looking for solitude. Regardless just another beautiful nature side of the Black Forest.

Around the lake, there are a lot of benches which inviting to enjoy the view on the lake. It is recommendable to buy some traditional Black Forest ham and bread in the shop near the lake and enjoy a lunch with a view on the lake. Very peaceful and yummy.

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