Germany: Good Morning Black Forest

As the summer has a firm grip on Germany, with 36 degree for the last 3 days, it is only possible to hike in the early morning hours. With having 26 degrees in the apartment and still our night visitor the young long-eared owl, we took another 4:30 am approach. With being in home office now for over 5 months, I take every chance to get out of the house. The feeling to be caged like a tiger is growing by the hour. The hot temperatures – which I do not need at all – only let my desire grow to travel somewhere else again. 

As 2020 is not at all what we wanted it to be, it is hard to image how the world will look like next year. Even that Europe was opening many border, many countries in the EU stay to be travel risks. Without knowing which country will suffer the same fate. Things are still changing quickly as sources of infection are popping up in many places. Nether sure which measure will be taken to contain the spreading. With that said it is hard to make long term travel plans, all is still up in the air for next year. But only waiting for a vaccination and put life on hold is also not an option, as this could take years.

I mean I am grateful that we are healthy and safe in Germany. As well that we have a good health system and that the government is taking the right steps to bring us through this crisis. Nether the less, as of now, we have to find a good way to still life and move forward. Even that we are in the pandemic still. Bring your face mask, social distant but do not forget to life in the meantime. I will focus on the positive things, for example that we made it a habit to hike every weekend in the early morning hours. We saw so many great sunrises, as well many animals in the wild like deer, rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers.

Todays hike we did near Calw, in the Northern Black Forest. The hike was 14 km, 4 hours, 380 meter high difference. The majority of the hike lead over forest roads, after the half hike we took turns into smaller paths in order to get some trail feeling. The trails that been included into the hike lead to the Gimpelstein (rock formation), Rötelbachtal (River Valley) and the Stubenfelsen (rock formation). In generally the hike is recommendable, unfortunately you can see the over-tourism in the Black Forest at the moment. As many Germans are doing vacation at home. We saw at the camping/fire places a lot of rubbish including empty bottles, beer cans, tissues etc. This is really sad, Germans we can do better than that! It is fine to have a good time in nature, but leave no trace. Take everything back home again.

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