Germany: Find a reason why you can

In order to find happiness in life everybody has to find they own way. Find out what is that makes you happy. What makes you excited, what makes you get up early, what gives you a smile. Do not accept reasons why you can not do something. Like I have to work late, I can not take vacation, I can not leave early. Find reason why you can. Ask colleagues to jump in for you, take over time, be pro active and just let go. Sometimes we get so locked up in our small bubble of our life, that we can not step out of it anymore. But we need to in order to fulfill our dreams and live the life we want to look back on when we are older. No matter what your dream is, you are the only person who can make it come true. Because only you can make our self truly happy. You have the power to choose how we feel about life, things, people, our environment. Do not expect others to understand what makes you happy or tick completely, because no one feels like you do.

Do not believe that the life you are born into needs to limit you in what you want to do with your life. Just dream and dream big, then plan, then just do it. Just start, one step after the other and you will see that the mountain in front will get smaller every day. One day you will live your dream. It is just this one first step that will start everything.

Find just your happy place and everything else will come to you. As our next adventure is still a few weeks away, I am trying to find my peace every morning when riding with the bike to work. It is a relaxed 10 km ride with some elevation and many animal encounters like deer, rabbits, horses, birds and squirrel. Even with all my dreams in my head, I can find a happy moment in every day to come.

At the end of our life particular moments are what we will remember and what made up our life. No matter where life will lead us and which way we choose, the memory will stay with us.

Even paradise is not a particular place, it is the feeling we have in a certain moment of our life, no matter where we are.

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  1. Rosalia

    ¡Qué bonito, Sandra! You have motivated me to return to work tomorrow after my short holidays!

    1. sandra

      Hola Rosalia, bueno escuchar eso. Hope you had a great vacation. 🙂

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