Germany: Easter Walk (Covid-19 Blog)

This year Eastern is way different as we usually know it. Normally it is the time to met family, have a nice Eastern Lunch or Diner together. Or go on a trip with the partner and extend the public holiday for a short vacation. As this year we nearly can not leave the state – in Germany – the options are limited to do a small or larger trip.

Easter Walk

Nether the less, as the weather was perfect, there were many options to go out for an Easter hike or biking. Just another option to explore the own backyard and enjoy the blooming nature around us. Even that we mostly strike for something new in life. A new country to explore, a new hobby, another challenge. Sometime it is good to slow down and reflect on life. The situation at the moment gives us exactly the time for that.

To know that we can go everywhere makes the world small, to know that we should stay at home makes the world big again. Even that our backyard can sometimes be as beautiful as some place we did not even been before. Seeing all the blooming cherry blossom reminds me of the tourist in Japan, that only travel there to see the Japanese cherry blossoms. It is a bit ironic that I never saw the blossoms so clear, as this year – even that they been there every spring.

Next week we start week five of the lockdown in Germany. In order not to lose your mind, it is important to use every chance to go out. Even that the motion circle are may the same, there are always details that we didn’t notice before. We just need to stop for a while and start seeing again. There is no positivity coming only to hang out inside, use the small chances to go out for a walk. See again the small things that surround us and not only focus on the big things – that are at the moment out of reach. Because no matter where we are, we can be happy everywhere – as happiness is only a state of mind.

Easter Walk

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