Germany: Change of the Season

With the change of the season from sprint to summer, the patience of the people to get out of the house is used up. Since last week hotels in Germany can open again, it seems some deceptive normality is back. All still under huge health requirements and in every state a bit different. A few weeks ago we all been happy about a small walk in our backyard, to enjoy the Blossoms and more blossoms, Flowers. But didn’t seem to be enough anymore.

With the main theme of this year “vacation at home“, meaning in your home country, the run on things do to are open. I still have a lot of mixed feelings about this year. I would not have ever believed that 2020 would turn out like this. Working three years towards a plan, a dream and then it turns out to be like this. I still can’t get over it. Now and then we think about where we would have been at the moment on your trip around the world. At the moment in the Azores or Cap Verde. But we have to life in the now and make the best of what we have.

At the moment it is too early to say what kind of travel can happen this year. It seems the maximum is something in Europe, not including the Balkan Regions due to travel restrictions. So no big freedom and solitude places. At the moment many European countries even require a Corona Test that is not older than 4 days, in order to be able to enter the country. With that in mind, day trips to the Black Forrest and Biking is the easiest option at the moment. The mountains have to wait until fall, when hopefully all is settled, and we are not facing a second wave.

During the weeks in quarantine the world in Germany moved from the Blossoms in Sprint to the fruits of the Summer. Even that at the moment, the circle in which we are moving are still small there are still things out there to lift the spirit. We just have to motivate ourselves. This situation will not stay like this forever, we just need a bit more patience. For me it is interesting to see the changes in nature over the course of the last 9 weeks. I never saw that change so clearly, as this year. As I was never limited to the same place for such a long time. Nether the less it is nice to see, first the green leave, than the blossoms, now the fruits at the trees. Just the small wonders that nature has to offer.

These posters around the cities, are a constant reminder that all of this is not over yet. Even that in some situation, it appears to be. It is saying “keep distance“, “wear mask” and “together through the Corona time“.

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