Germany: Back on the bike

As the quarantine due to the global pandemic was lifted this week in Germany, I took the chance to go on longer bike trips again. At the moment this can be done with the people of your own household or max. 4 unrelated people of your household. Rules are still confusing and not always followed by anyone. At the moment it is particularly hard to find  solitude in biking or hiking, as it feels, that every person in Germany is out there. The only real enjoyable time are the morning hours, around 6 am to 7 am.

As club activities are still prohibited, which includes the DAV MTB rides, and I am still in home office there are not many chances to make kilometers. When it comes to kilometers on the bike this year’s, it potentially will be a disappointing one. Sadly now already the summer starts, which brought us already this month (May) temperatures until 30 degrees.

Nether the less we did already two culinary rides – like last year to France. Which includes 80 to 90 km riding, a lot of small snacks, a wine stop and a lot of social distancing this year. This is still wired for me, people I know for years, I now only can tap on the elbow or foot to say hello instead of hugging them. I am ok doing that, it just feels so wrong. Also, with the thought that nobody know when it will change again. I guess not before we have a vaccination. But if this is what it takes, we will go through it.

It was great to get some change of scenery. Just ride, enjoy the air, enjoy the kilometers and some light moments. It is important in that time, to take care of our mental health as well. Even some days are harden than others. There is always a chance to lighten up. If it is to sit on the bike, call someone or read a book. As nobody of us knows when the world will come back to some kind of normal. At the moment baby steps are taken, like lifting the quarantine, opening the restaurants again (today), open some borders to European neighbor countries. With every step a bit more life is coming back, even that all of this is not over yet. We just have to life with it for now.

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