Germany: Attention Wilderness!

Today we started really early in order to enjoy a special hike. Or better a combination out of two wilderness hikes in the Northern Black Forest. The Wildnispfad (Wilderness Hike) and the Luchspfad (Lynx Hike). Both paths are around 4 kilometer long and can be combined easily. Starting point was the parking lot near the Hotel Plättig. The overall round took us 3 hours and included a lot of climbs over tree trunks.

The atmosphere in the woods been incredible. The birds were just waking up, dew still hung from the leaves of the trees and there was no other sound than the surrounding nature. No people, no cars. Just silence and a waking up nature. That is the reward for getting up early.

The paths were established after the storm Lothar. It destroyed parts of the wood, which were then no longer cultivated. The idea was to leave nature as is and create this wilderness paths instead. Both paths are equally beautiful. Although the Wilderness path is more challenging to hike/climb. As the path include a lot of climbing over fallen trees. Compared to the Lothar Path, this path is more challenging. There are no bare woods to walk over. Everything was kept wild. There were ladders on steeper passages that lead through a riverbed.

Before merging from the Wildnispfad (Wilderness Hike) to the Luchspfad (Lynx Hike) we found a nice picnic tables in the woods, where we enjoyed our breakfast. There is no other place to recharge the batteries, then in the woods. As we started the hike already before 7 am, we had the picnic place for ourselves. As well as the most of the hike.

When finishing the hike around 10 am, the parking lot was already filled up. So I can image how busy this whole place can get. Beside the both Wilderness Hikes, the Plattig is providing several other hiking options all starting from the parking lot. An information board provides ideas and route suggestions.

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