Germany: Another 4:30 am challenge

As summer is approaching Germany with high temperatures, we did another 4:30 am challenge in order to take an early morning hike. The last two weeks we got temperatures around 30 degree. For my taste this is not really hiking weather. In order to enjoy hikes anyway, early mornings needs to be used. In the morning the air is still fresh, the temperature is mild and the birds songs are the loudest in the morning.

Today’s hike lead us once more in the Northern part of the Black Forest. To the town of Enzklösterle. We choose a tour around the town on high paths. The tours did not present as many views into the Black Forest, that we hoped for but it was quiet. Besides the bird singing. We even saw a huge heron, which took of on a trail in front of us. So no matter the trail conditions, there are always small wonders to take away from every trip. We just have to be open-minded and enjoy the small things still.

The trail provides several wooden huts, which invites for a stop. We used it once more to do a breakfast beak in the woods. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying some self-made snack in nature. Just fresh air, bird singing and a fresh warm coffee out of a thermos. It only takes 30 minutes effort, the day before to prepare a healthy snack. In our box we put: boiled eggs, salami, cheese, sliced apples, sliced variation of rare vegetables.

As the summer is just starting, there are still a lot of flowers to be found in the woods. As well as wild strawberries and blueberries. They are smaller than the usual once that can be bought in the supermarket. The overall hike lead mainly over forest roads and was not hard to hike. It only includes 300 m elevation and spans over 17 to 23 kilometers, depending on the path to choose.

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