Germany: A weekend walk in the Odenwald in Autumn

This year is with all means special, with the good and bad phases. But what 2020 is giving us is a golden autumn, which means a warm October. Nature in all the colors autumn can paint. At the moment the game of colors is amazing. Leaves are painted in yellow, orange, red and a combination in between. It is a phenomenon that is happening in this intensity not every year. With that said we wanted to enjoy it as much as possible and went for a weekend walk into the Odenwald.

Watching the news at the moment is mainly depressing. Covid-19 cases are raising all over Europe again and it is only a matter of time when Germany will get the next lockdown. Some regions in Bavaria are already living it. In order to enjoy the freedom as long as it last, we started this walk at the parking lot of the Sommerrodebahn Wald-Michelbach. The parking lot was huge but when we arrived, around 9:30 am, it was nearly empty.  Based on that, we did not expect that the hike would be so popular and with no means a lonely one. We got a lot of families, mountain bikers and couples with dogs.

Besides the people, the hike itself was nice. The first part through the forest was great and views into the Odenwald been amazing. We had a clear view for a couple of kilometers. We were able to see the different colored leaves of the forest. So beautiful to see. Before the hike ends at the Sommerrodebahn, it is crossing the town of Wald-Michelbach. It is a cute town, which invited for a coffee break. Possible Covid-19 confirm, still outside in the sun. Even that it seems that this might be the last warm weekend of the year.

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