Germany: A ocean of flowers (new habit)

I recall that as a kid we had to do school projects that included the collection, drying and documenting of flowers. Which actually had to be done with a botanic book. Back in the days I remember that my aunt was able to name all the flowers and my mother was able to name all the birds, just by hearing them sing. This impressed me a lot and it still does. With growing up, I somehow unlearned the ability to name a certain flower, blossom or birds. It is interesting that I can name so many travel places by just seeing pictures of it, but I am unable to name flowers in my backyard. With the last passing weeks, I made it a habit to see my surrounding more clearly and start an interest to figure out what kind of flowers stand on the side of the road. So let us enjoy together this ocean of flowers, captured in the Spring of 2020 in Germany:

It is interesting that beside the obvious ones like cherry blossom, I would not have been able to name a lot of flowers pictured here. I mean we can also take this pandemic as a chance to learn something new or something that we unlearned. This all slowed us down, made us stand still for a while. Focus on one area instead of jumping from place to place, without the ability anymore to enjoy what is just in front of us. The world is now here, where we are and in every place there is something magical, we just have to give the chance to show it to us.