Germany: A morning hike to the Sebnitz River

As the overall area around Bad Schandau is not wide, it is possible to start nearly every hike in the surrounding area. Same is true for the towns of Altendorf, Mittelndorf and Lichtenhain. All towns are tiny and mainly quiet, away from the crowds in Bad Schandau. The Malerweg, a long distance hiking trail is connecting all the trails in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The trail is 112 kilometer long and will be seen on the most of the signs in the park. It is even crossing the town of Mittelndorf.

After a great breakfast we decided to hike the Panorama Hike starting in Mittelndorf. Which is part of the Malerweg. The trail first leads in the direction of the Sebnitz Valley over wide forest roads first flat and second mainly downhill. In the valley the sound of the river welcomed us. Over small paths along the river, untouched nature can be seen. It is just a short morning hike, that should not be overseen.

After following the Sebnitz river for around 2 km, the trail continues over wide-open fields. The fields are overgrown by a pink hair grass. This is giving a nice unreal picture, as the fields looks unreal pink. After leaving the fields behind, the trail lead again uphill to Altendorf. Following a part of the Malerweg. After crossing the street in Altdorf the trail joins the Panorama Trail.

This part of the trail provide endless views on the Schrammsteine, one of the most iconic rock formation in the area. The landscape looks like out of a painting. Just perfects shapes of fields, into woods, into rock formations. No wonder why this is part of a long distance hiking trail. It is just the perfect combination of trail parts.

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