Germany: A hike with a view (Northern Black Forest)

This week’s hike lead us to the Büchenbronner Höhe. The hike lead mainly over small natural trails in the woods. As summer is still present in Europe we started another early morning call. Unfortunately, we hadn’t noticed that the sun rises later now. With that said we had to wait a couple of minutes at the parking lot before we could start. Additionally, the first kilometers of the hike been in the twilight and every crack and noise in the woods gave me goosebumps.

The hike itself was nice, small trails, nice views and the highlight the Büchenbronner observation tower. The tower itself can be climbed and provides amazing views into the Norther Black Forest. As we started the hike early, fog was still over the trees. Combined with interesting cloud formation, the breeze at the top and the sun, it gave a magical atmosphere.

As Germany has the third hot summer in a row, all streams had dried up. Even that we crossed small bridges, there was no water at all in the river bank. I remember from my childhood hot summers as well, but I also recall summer that been full of rain. Usually a German summer was not a summer at all. Nowadays it seems that every summer gets hotter and hotter. Good that soon we have the fall and enjoyable temperatures are coming back. This is why I like spring (and fall) the most. Temperatures are great, flowers start to bloom and the nature is just waking up from the winter sleep.

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