France: A bike tour to Wissembourg

In order to combine bike riding and French food eating we joined a “Tour de culinary“. Which include a ride from Karlsruhe (Germany) over Lauterbourg (France) to Wissembourg (France). The tour was ~100 km long and was mainly flat.

From Karlsruhe, we drove to the Rhine ferry near Neuburg am Rhein. On the other side we drove along the Rhine to Lauterbourg (France). In Lauterbourg we stopped in the coffee shop Erbs for having a Café au lait and some sweets.

Our ride took us further to the nice town of Wissembourg (France). The town has a medieval town center and it is possible to sit in one of the many restaurants in order to enjoy the traditional Alsace Flammkuchen (tarte).

On the way back we had a special espresso made with a portable espresso machine, which includes a bicycle pump for the pressure. Really fancy invention.

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