France: In the beautiful Vosges (Haut-Rhin)

The Vosges are a range of low mountains in Eastern France, near its border with Germany. It is running in a north-northeast direction from the Burgundian Gate to the Börrstadt Basin. This time we visited the town of Fellering, which is a commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Grand Est in north-eastern France

Fellering is located in the Vallée de la Thur, in which the river Thur is running through. It is a nice town surrounded by mountains and endless hiking options. Another nice add on to the location is, that you can watch the Paragliding jumps from the mountains. No matter if the beginners in the morning or the advanced in the evening.

We did a couple of hikes, including Gazon Vert, Lac du Grand Neuweiher, Grand Ballon, Dumont and other smaller hikes in nearby towns. The area is not short of Refuge which provide hikers an accommodation and real great traditional French food. We crossed a couple of times the long distance hiking path Grande Randonnée 5, which is running through the Vosges.

When in France, do not miss a traditional French bakery. The baguettes are amazing and the sweets are so freshly backed, that it is hard to choose which one to take. Overall, the region is totally recommendable. No matter if you just want to enjoy great French food or hike the whole day, the area has a lot of to offer and should not be overlooked. During the winter time, it becomes a big sky area as well – Markstein Grand-Ballon.

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