France: Hikes at the Doubs

The Doubs is a 453 km long river in eastern France which strays into western Switzerland. It rises near Mouthe in the western Jura mountains, at 946 m and its mouth is at Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, a village and commune in Saône-et-Loire at about 175 m above sea level. With that, it is the tenth-longest river in France. A long distance hiking trail runs along the river, on both side the France and the Switzerland. It is totally worth to hike both sides, as they give a way different views and perspectives of this great nature area.

We hiked mainly in the area of Besançon. Where the waterfall, Saut du Doubs is located. It is a real beautiful nature area, that provide easy to challenging hiking path. Depending on your route, you may, will hike by several lakes the river forms:

  • Lac de Saint-Point (elevation 850 m)
  • Lac des Brenets (elevation 750 m)
  • Lac de Moron (elevation 716 m)
  • Lac de Biaufond (elevation 610 m)

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