Cuba: The unforgettable beach of Cayo Levisa

After the first day’s in the city of Havana it was finally time to visit one of the dream beaches of Cuba. Even that Cuba is mainly known for the Varadero beach, there several other dream beaches Cuba has to offer. One of it can be found on the island of Cayo Levisa.

The island is a two hours car ride from Hanava and can only be accessed via boats from Palma Rubia. The boat ride was 30 minutes and started 10 am in Palma Rubia. This was a nice start for the whole day at the beach. The island has some snorkeling and diving sites to offer and is mainly known for its black coral. From the landing stage it was a short hike through the forest to the other side of the island. I nearly could not believe this amazing white beach, that I before only knew from post cards.

This unforgettable day at the beach consist of, having great cocktails brought by nice service guys of the “Hotel Cayo Levisa” to the beach; swimming in the 30 degree warm water and just enjoy this amazing location. At 5 pm we left the island with the boat and incredible memories of this dream beach.

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