Croatia: Days at the Balkans

Croatia in my view is mainly popular in the summer (July and August) for beach days and sailing. In order to escape the crowds, Mai/June or September/October is a good time to visit. It is a perfect time for hiking, visiting the national parks or other outdoor activities. As I saw so many nice untouched nature of the Balkans I looked forward to that trip.

Region around Zagvozd

The first stop after flying into Split was the area around Zagvozd. The town is small but offers a couple hiking option near the Biokovo National Park. During the hikes, we have been able to see the mountain ranges in Bosnia and Herzegovina, potentially the Blidinje Nature Park. This was the wild untouched Balkans that I had in mind, when visiting.


In the Biokovo National Park

The Biokovo is the second-highest mountain range in Croatia and a Nature Park. It is towering 1500 m immediately over Makarska and covers 19,550 hectares. As we traveled off season, we have been able to visit the Biokovo National Park without paying entrance fees. We nearly reached the peak of Sveti Jure, the last 200 m we had to hike as all was full of snow and ice. Even that the Skywalk was still closed, we had an amazing view over the coastline and smaller offshore islands.

Hike in the Paklenica National Park

Originally, our hiking goal was the Velebit National Park – the largest mountain range in Croatia. Sadly, the park was still covered in snow, and we could not even reach the parking lot. Where we wanted to start our hike. The Paklenica National Park gave a great alternative and seemed to be as beautiful. The Park is located slightly inland from the coast of North Dalmatia, situated about 47 km north from Zadar. The nearest coastal town to the park is Starigrad Paklenica. We start our hike, at the end of the street or highest point that could be reached by car.

Region of Skardin (Krka National Park)

Next stop for us was the small town of Skardin. Which is mainly known for the Krka National Park. We visited the park from several directions. Hiking or with the bike. Once thing you need to keep in mind, with a one-day ticket you can enter all sides of the park – south and north. But if you want to split the hikes, you have to pay every day the entry fee again. Event that it was worth is to visit all parts of the park, it was a bit disappointing that they did not offer a multi-entry ticket. May personal favorite was the bike ride to the Franciscan Monastery Viewpoint. Which is not directly in the park and with that free.

Region of Otočac

We ended your trip in the picture-perfect town of Otočac. The town is mainly popular under fisherman, as the clear river offers the best area for fishing. It also offers hiking path in a Hobbit Town like surrounding. It all looks like out of fairy tail book.

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