Chile: Where is the hiking path? (Cerro Castillo in snow)

On our way from Coyhaique to Lago General Carrera we drove through the Cerro Castillo National Reserve.  The reserve is named after the Cerro Castillo, its highest mountain in the reserve and the main attraction. My original plan was to hike in the area, as this area claims to have as nice hiking paths as El Chaltén without being that popular.

Surprisingly the snowline was in this area really low, and we were facing a lot of snow at the side of the road and on the road. Even that this was nice to look at, we gave up our hope to have any realistic chance to hike in that area in September.

In the summer I believe it would be worth to plan in a stop in the region to either plan a day hike or the 4 to 5 multi-day hikes in the reserve. Even in the snow the region looked like a wonderland with Cerro Castillo mountain in the middle of it.

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