Chile: Dreamlike location – Torres del Paine National Park

The next destination of our amazing Patagonia trip was the dream location Torres del Paine National Park. Believe me when I am saying the pictures can not even capture the beauty of this place. Before we even entered the Park we took a side road Y-180 to drive to the Torres del Paine. On this road we had the chance to already see the mountain range of the park and be surrounded by hundreds of Guanacos.

Where to go: Mirador del Payne, side road before you enter the park.

Tips: The park itself has no gas station and the next one is 100 km away. In order not to run out of gas by a gasoline canister at the gas station.

Sadly we only stayed in the park for 2 days. For that reason we could only do one day hike to the Mirador de las Torres. In order to see more of the park, I would recommend staying at least 3 to 5 days, even for day hikes. When you want to hike the W or the Circuit you need to plan for 5 to 9 days.

Cost: In order to get the current prices of the park please checkout the official web page of the park. The hotels in the park are pricey but this is a location of a lifetime. In case you are traveling on a lower budget, check out the camping sides.

Personal Opinion: This is one location that I saw in my life that I did not want to leave and always want to go back to. It is just so unique and stunning, that it is even hard to find the right words to describe the place. You just have to see it with your own eyes.

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