Chile: The best for last (Mirador Ferrier Hike)

Our last full day in the Torres National Park we wanted to do another amazing hike. With already done the Isla de Los Hielos Hike at the Lago Grey at our first day in the Lago Grey hotel, we did not think it could get any better. But it came better, as we decided to do the Mirador Ferrier Hike.

The hike can also be started at the Lago Grey Hotel and begins on the opposite side of the visitor center. The hike itself is for free, only a registration is needed. This can be done in the house beside the sign for the hike.

The hike itself is not long, only ~8 km but it is really steep. It starts more or less flat for the first two kilometers and turns in a real steep climb. All doable but take our time and enjoy all the views that you gain from it. With hiking in September we had some snow on the last 500 meters. It was fine, as it was a flatter part, and we only been a few meters away from the mirador.

The Mirador Ferrier will leave you stunned. It gives a perfect view on the Grey Glacier from the top and the whole Torres National Park. It is possible to see all the lakes in the park, as well as the peeks. This whole viewpoint is just incredible, you only see perfect shaped nation, no houses, no streets, no people. It is just an outdoor dream and a hike that should not be missed when going to the Torres National Park.

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