Chile: The amazing Lauca National Park

On our way from Putre to Chungará Lake we drove through the Lauca National Park. This is one hour drive in each direction. The park is in the Andes mountains in the north of Chile, at the border of Peru and Bolivia. In the northeast are the snow-capped volcanoes Pomerape and Parinacota, which can not be missed by the drive through the park. In the park we were able to see a lot of llamas and alpacas.

Compared to the Atacama Desert where for everything entry fee needs to be paid, the Lauca Nationalpark itself is for free, as well as the visit of the Chungará Lake and the Salar de Surire. Just driving through the park and enjoying the view on the volcanoes with the wild animals in front, is a postcard picture itself. This place is absolutely not touristic and you can see an authentic landscape, animals and nature.

As this region is very remote be prepared to by a gasoline canister when self driving, to have extra gas at hand in order not to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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