Chile: Lago General Carrera more than the marble caves

The General Carrera Lake (Chile) or Lake Buenos Aires (Argentina) hit us with total surprise with its beauty. The lake is shared between Chile and Argentina, both countries gave the Lake another name. The bigger part of the lake is in Chile and is with that the biggest one in the country. The lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains and look like out of an outdoor magazine from heaven.

The lake is mainly known for the Marble Caves in Puerto Río Tranquilo, which are a geological nature wonder in the lake. But the region has even more things to offer for example the Exploradores Glacier in the Monte San Valentín National Park.

And if you think that would be already enough, you are wrong. You can find extreme nice lodges in the region as well. We stayed in the Mallin Colorado Ecolodge, which was just heaven. It gave us an amazing view on the lake through wide panorama windows and the cutest hosts ever. They even have their own hikes in their backyard. Think about this, your property is as big that you can offer your guest a 15 km hike in your own backyard. Crazy.

One tip for the region. In Puerto Río Tranquilo you can find a gas station (credit card possible) but there is no bank or ATM. Due to satellite internet not all tour providers accept credit card. The next bank/ATM is in Chile Chico or Cochrane, which is a few hundred kilometers away. For that reason come with some cash.

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