Chile: Isla de Los Hielos Hike (Lago Grey)

When staying in the Hotel Lago Grey the view on the lake can already be enjoyed from the restaurant and bar, as there is a panoramic window front. Just spending the time there with a Patagonia Sour drink and the view on the lake, the glacier and the mountains is already amazing. But there are a couple of hikes that can be started from the hotel. One of it is the Isla de Los Hielos Hike.

The hike is 6 km long and takes around 2 hours, depending on how many pictures you will take. The whole area looks so unreal beautiful, the black beach, the blue water with the ice blocks, the view on the glacier and the mountain peeks in the background. The hike is pretty easy and can be done by everyone. It is not only worth to hike on the beach and to the lake, definitely hike the round at the Isla de Los Hielos.

Even that this hike is popular, as it is easy, it is completely worth to do it. The hike starts behind the visitor center that includes a cafe and a mini market. First a swinging bridge needs to be crossed, then a short hike through a small forest follows to reach the black sand beach. Hiking towards the lake will open the view on the big ice blocks and the Grey Glacier. The glacier seems small from the distance but it is 6 kilometers wide and over 30 meters high. When hiking until the peak of the Isla, the view on the glacier is amazing.

The area of the Lago Grey, is for me, one of the most beautiful regions I ever saw in my life. It is so peaceful, stunning and just seems unreal. Spending 3 days there was a blessing and a once in a lifetime experience.

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